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Share strategies so our staff could do better for the new server!
Hello guys,

as you may be aware, we could have a new server with either 50 people, 80 people, or over 200 people.... of we the more the better, but for that reason we gotta start coming up with ideas and provide help to make sure we get at least 200 people... could you imagine multiple guild competing instead of only 3-4 guilds?

this is couple of my ideas i got in my mind:

1) a simple copy paste message to old KO players you met in a private server or from the original KO about the new blessed ko server ( your Facebook chat, whatsapp ), that way we will help arise more awareness plus they could also let their friends known, the more the better!!!

2) GMs, have a quick youtube link indicating the key information about the upcoming server, details of KO version, events and so on. it is easier that way to explain easier to ou friend or upcoming ko players. (indicate that you will be very strict against koxpers or people that do np transfer or anything like that, im sure many people hate that and in the real KO sometimes the GM's don't take care  of that, if this private server proves that does a great job on it, im sure many people will be convinced to join).

3) if you have an OLD KO FACEBOOK, teamspeak or discord GROUP like myself, share a post about this event.

4) reduce couple sections or delete old unrelevant post from forums, that way new players wont get confused of the items that are being sold on the marketplace, old complains from beta and so on, we want to keep updated, we may have less post, but it is best to display waht is been actually the latest.

5)having a ranking system in the forums, this way you could have more people always participating in the forum. like a simple grade symbol next to our forum name or getting some special points that could get a minimun of KC in game, who knows this may have a better forum of course without being toxic.

6)every once in a while have a survey in forum or facebook group that way the users will feel part of the decisions and that way we can try to get to aim for what the most want.

im out of ideas for now, please share your ideas you think it will help us reach over 200 players, remember, this is our chance to ensure this server starts well!
#2: you can literally find all the info on the server in the forum. There’s even a rules section stating KOXP will get you banned among the other rules..but a video would be nice I guess.

#5: that’s not a bad idea, but Admin is doing an event for forum activity that will attract new people when they see the forum being active.

#6 isn’t a bad idea either but there is a suggestion section for that reason...

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