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Rawrx/xRawr Imposer/Fanboy
Hi blessedko players and staff,

There is a guy that walks around trying to impose my clanny/friend Rawrx/xRawr/Sash

We HighClass haven't decided yet to play on this server or played on any server in awhile if anyone tries to convince u to be ''HC Sash or Rawrx'' It is not him

His facebook, where he pretended to be the real Sash/Rawrx which is not working anymore:
Proof he is actually imposing xRAWR/RAWRx

Just to reach the real RAWRx/xRawr by his whatsapp if u know it otherwise don't trust anyone else , You can also find the real RAWRx via HighClass official discord in the leaders group .

Hope I have warned you guys enough.

Kind Regards,

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