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Server Restarts & Updates
The server has been restarted to fix the following things during beta.

Colony Zone Monument system updated.
Totamic Spear and Impact new items added to drops and quest.
Weapon Enchant and Armor Enchant scrolls selling to NPC reduced.
Horn Cross Bow +5 added to drops.
National Points gaining by kill [20] should be fixed.
Raptor Rebirth upgrading should be fixed.
Death Key drop reduced to 1% on monsters.
Juraid and BDW zones 'reloging' fixed to respawn in Moradon.
Requriing coins for upgrade differencies solved. [240k bus,500k bes, 1M rebirth upgrade]
Dracarys stats updated.
Cursed Santa system should be fixed.
Collection Race PK - Needs testing.
Wearing rebirth elixir bug has been fixed
Isiloon Boss Quest has been fixed.
Please note that not everything was solved in this restart.
There are some things that needs to be solved in Client Patch, however we can't release that yet as patch would be too small.

Client patch will come tomorrow or in 2 days, as we are solving more issues.
We've had issue with certain skills casted by monsters. Game Server source developer updated the code, issue should be fixed.
Restart :
Range cheating fixed.
King notices fixed to english
New Patch 1326 available

Beginner Priest Pendant fixed.
Extra NPC's in delos removed
Servants EXP fixed.
Dracarys balanced
Devil balanced
Isiloon Zone respawn point fixed.
Mage female scroll exp fixed.
Comboing guards in moradon fixed.
Felankor defense reduced.
War and Gold premium in PUS FIXED.
Death Match texts fixed.
Juraid / BDW updated.
Item TBL misstypes fixed.
Items that cant be rebirthed showing 'Can't rebirth' now.
Snowball added to sundreis.
Magic Hammers added to drops apostle of cold
Magic hammers added to pus
Exceed break is now lvl 12 master skill
Boss certificate 1 more quest added
Old uniques upgrading bug fixed.
Several rebirthing items fixed.
Necklace of lost one and Forgotten Necklace stats modified.
Collection Race problem solved.
Priest debuff animation effect fixed. (Malice,Parasite,Massive..)
Howling Sword balanced.
BP's balanced
Beginners can buy 500 NP for 200k coins.
Panel visual bug on items fixed.
When user is going to spam the chat for 5 times in less than 10 seconds, he will be muted for 60 seconds.
The fast casting skills of cheaters is now fixed and so is range cheating. There should be no cheats at all.

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