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why can't i walk back using the arrow key? TOTO Spear low class? cant upgrade.
this makes it more difficult for me to combo, i also wasted my lotto tickets on toto that i cant upgrade.
another thing i noticed is i can't access the level of delos where there are hob Goblins. I enjoyed training there. (the abyss with the hell key) & can we please have throwing stones? or snowballs in order to lure bosses in the appropriate area? just giving my two cents for a better gaming experience... thank you everyone.
Totamic Spear is bugged we have that noted, it should be fixed today.
Hob Gobins are in Colony Zone, you can enter to hell abyss with Isiloon Key as there is no hell key. We might consider if we should open Hell Abyss for everyone.
Snowball / Throwing rock, we will do that.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions
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