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Game Rules & Error codes
Game Rules

Using any kind of third party tool will lead to permanent ban.
Insulting other religion or race will lead to a mute as 1st warning followed by permanent ban
Advertising other games or servers is not allowed, you will be muted.
Disrespecting staff members will lead to a mute as 1st warning followed by ban.
National Points transfering is illegal and it will result to a ban.
Glitching to gain advantage for speed will result to a warning followed by ban.
Spamming in moradon regarding items will result to a mute.
AFK in events is not allowed, you will be jailed.
Charging back donations will result to a ban, if you did a mistake PM a GM for refund.
Tricking the players with trade manipulations such as Javana Axe instead of Giga Axe will result to 24 hours ban.
Macro is not allowed, if you get caught you will be banned.
Offensive notices as King or War commander will result to a ban or reversed status.
Selling items for real money is not banable, however selling your account is not allowed.
Using multiple computers for events is not allowed.
Trading others while killing a boss is not allowed. 
Escaping the party in Juraid before room is finished is not allowed and will lead to 48 hours ban.
Quiting a party to steal the drop, is not allowed. You will lose the item and be banned for 24 hours.
Asking GM for items will lead to a warning followed by 24 hours mute.
Abusing any kind of bug [if by some chances occurs] will lead to permanent ban.
Making multiple accounts to vote for king is not allowed.

Error codes

10060/1 error [Your connection to server was not established, the gameserver is offline or you have DNS/MODEM/IP problem]
[b]There is an error in the selected server.[/b] [You are typing wrong password/id or your account is not registered with us at all]
[b]Sucesfully connected to the server but failed to login [255][/b] - Someone is currently online on your character.
[b]Your account is currently blocked, please contact customer support.[/b] - Your computer was HWID blocked.
all pvp servers that I play can not enjoy because of those who do not obey the rules. I hope in new server after 6.07.2019 everybody read and do it 

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