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Server Informations
[Image: 1houhx.png]


Starting level of your character is 60. You'll have to level up your character up to 75 at medium exp rates.
You are eligible to obtain free RE-STAT & RE-SKILL at any time.
Master Quest and Skill quests are unlocked at the start. Purchase of level 62 scroll is required.

Starting items

Warrior : Glave +8(Rare), Full Plate Set +8/15
Rogue : Dual Mirage Dagger+8(Rare),Iron Cross Bow+8(Rare) Full Plate Set +8/15, 
Mage : Wizard Staff+8(Rare),Crystal Set+8/15, Fabric Set+8/15, Linen Set+8/15
Priest : Totamic Club+8(Rare), Plate Shield+8/15,Full Plate Set+8/15 Fabric Set+8/15, 
All Classes: Beginner Unique Accessories,Beginner Scrolls,Beginner Pots & 1 Day of Platinum Premium.

Farming & Lotto System

In the beginning of your farming you'll be picking up medium class items at high rate, such as Chitins, MD'S, Glaves. Effort is needed to obtain High Class items such as Raptor,Shard, Chitin Shell.
By obtaining Lotto Tickets, you will be able to exchange them for High Class Items.
[Image: 5lta2s.png]

Rebirth System

Rebirth Scroll can be used to +7 items or +8 items. By rebirthing an ordinary +7 item, the new item will be at +1 rebirth. If you do that for +8 items, the new item will become +5 rebirth. You can't use Rebirth Scroll on Medium Class items such as Glaves / Chitins. Only High Class and better can be Rebirthed. Maximum Rebirth upgrade is +11
[Image: 35be6br.png]

Upgrade Rates

[Image: 10hop7c.png]

+1 to +5 - 100%
+5 to +6 50%
+6 to +7 20%
+7 to +8 10%

[Image: 2lsxqty.png]

+1 to +5 - 100%
+5 to +6 - 80%
+6 to +7 - 35%
+7 to +8 - 20%

[Image: scf2qa.png]

Rebirthing +7 item - 100%
Rebirthing +8 item - 100%

[Image: 15hcqd5.png]

+1 to +11 - 25%

[Image: 14ieavc.png]

+1 to +11 - 50%
[Image: xg9mxf.png]

3x Old Accesories Upgrading to +0 - 50%
+0 to +1 - 50%
+1 to +2 50%

Monster Stone
By obtaining or dropping a Monster Stone you will be able to exchange it for Old Unique Accessories at 100% rate.

Selfname Packing 
You are able to pack +8 Selfname with Selfname Packing scroll. You can only pack Dagger to Dagger or Shield to Shield.
If you are packing Rebirth Selfname from +1 to +11, the packed item can be exchanged for any Selfname.

Monthly NP Rewards.
By collecting enough Monthly National Points each month you can claim different rewards.
5.000 Points - HP 2000 or 350 Scroll
10.000 Points - Tears of Karividis
15.000 Points - Trina's Piece
40.000 Points - Class Change Scroll
80.000 Points - Boss Summon Pack.

Class Change & Nation Transfer
You can change your class or nation transfer through NPC in moradon. 

Selfname Quests
You can obtain Selfname Weapon at Eslant Quest only one time per account.
Obtainig selfname is also possible with 3.000 Symbols of PK.

Special Hera, Cougar & Karus Female Scrolls.
The hera gives you 30 bonus stats. It can't be combined with Lion Scroll. Cougar gives 15 bonus stats and it can't be combined with lion scroll. Karus Female scroll will gives no bonuses and will be more or less free for Karus Mages.

[Image: 21nnxgw.png]

You can obtain Diamonds by putting your character to Merchant. The diamonds can be exchanged for items such as Chests & Dragon Box. The Diamonds cannot be traded.

Event Items & Quests
You can exchange Boss Certificates, Bowl's Seals, BDW Emblems, Forgotten Medals for Various Rewards.
One of them is Forgotten Necklace which can be obtained with 10x Forgotten Medals.
The necklace is 2nd Slot item.
[Image: e5qplx.png]

By killing Warder or Keeper you are going to obtain Dragon Box & More. The drop is given to Party Damage.
Guards are dropping War Crystals and Feathers of War which can be exchanged for Trina or Tears of Karividis.

Moradon & Lufferson
Includes beginner weapons, leveling and farming for Medium Class items.

Dungeon of Death
To enter this Dungeon you will have to obtain Key of Death, which is hidden beneath different boxes.
[Image: 2qbeuma.png]

Devil's Castle
In order to enter Devil's Castle you will have to be Premium Member and also pay the fee of 10.000.000 Coins
[Image: 15gvyxh.png]

Isiloon Room & Felankor Cave.
To enter those rooms you will have to obtain Isiloon Key and Dragon Marble.

Eslant is useful zone where you can complete the level 70 Quest and also farm your items, level up and hunt bosses. Special Treasury is included.
[Image: ng3jg5.png]

Border Defense War
Daily event with great rewards including BDW Emblem.
[Image: 2v0bt06.png]

Juraid Mountain, Last Man Standing, Clan War, Forgotten Temple,Death Match
Different Events with great rewards for winning players. There are certain limits for joining some of the events.
Only special skills are being used in the Death Match event.

By becoming KING, you can use RoyalOrder, make drop rate event, experience event, award player with coins and collect taxes from players. You are eligible to obtain special king weapons during your rule. White cape is included.
There are 2 ways to become a King.
1) Through nominations and votes.
2) Through a battle against other top clans. 
[Image: fntypw.png]

Castle Siege War
The event is hosted once per week with special rewards for winning clan.

Ardream War
Special Event where you can PK and loot items

The winning nation can enter to BI-Frost after destroying the monument. Losing nation can enter for the last 20 minutes.
You can farm fragments, the zone is also residence of Ultima
[Image: 2vi01o9.png]

Colony Zone
It's the main zone for farming coins,high class weapons,hunting bosses and special monsters. There are special Quests in the zone.
The zone is used as Main PVP enviroment.
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thank you bro for information :Smile    Heart Hero
awesome information, may we have the event section time with other timezones like eastern time :3?
(07-05-2019, 08:26 PM)rajersitos Wrote: awesome information, may we have the event section time with other timezones like eastern time :3?

You’ll probably have to figure the times out on your own bro. Just google gmt+2 to your specific time zone.

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