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someone has Scammed my account: CannabisSativa
Hi my account is scammed Sunday 16, 
I thought it was because of the patch, but then I asked Heromaster and he said that he was going to see my account but he did not solve it I think it was false. Had Raptor + 6 x2 raptor + 5 + 1 / shells warr + 6 + 5 + 1 Chaotic Staff Light + 7 and 300m and now cant enter my account because it says that my id is not registered.

You were pming me that you lost your items, than just after 2 hours of it you are selling iron belt.
After 7 hours, i'm asking you if you changed your password and you said you didn't.

Ok now i check quick log.

2019, 6, 17, 0, 13, 21, CannabisSativa, UPGRADE, 0, 77412280427697103, 189202657, 1, 12000, 1, 1, 379021000, 0

Your items were upgrade on anvil and burned. The user who logged your account is some TURK - EasyMerchant.

What servers did you play before this one with Turkish Admin?
Yes, Projectko from Adan this bastard

Yes, Projectko from Adan this bastard.
I already told you that the belt belonged to Matador and that it sold. Look at your account, I did not change the password because I thought it was a bug in the update because other users had the same thing
Well it was Turkish IP Players.

Come ingame pm HeroMaster
I can not enter because it says that my id is not registered, I can only login on the page and I do not know why my ip was changed
Spanish Staff is talking with you at the moment.

People must use different password in every server. It's enough to just change 1 number
Password in 1 server : hello56
Password in other server : hello23

Already this is enough to be protected, i don't know why would you use ' hello56' in every server.

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